Multiple testing in transformed space (MultiTrans)

Multiple hypothesis testing is an essential step in GWAS analysis. Although the use of 5 × 10-8 has predominated human GWAS, the correct per-marker threshold differs as a function of species, marker densities, genetic relatedness, and trait heritability. However, no previous multiple testing correction methods can comprehensively account for these factors; therefore, these methods are not applicable for linear mixed models. MultiTrans is an efficient and accurate multiple testing correction approach for linear mixed models. Our method performs a unique transformation of genotype data to account for genetic relatedness and heritability under linear mixed models, as well as to efficiently utilize the multivariate normal distribution.

The R implementation of MultiTrans is available. Please refer to the Documentation link for further information. If you have you any further question, please contact Jong Wha J Joo. This is the joint work with Farhad hormozdiari, Buhm Han, and Eleazar Eskin.

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