Efficient Multiple Trait Association Mapping with mvLMM

Performing association mapping using multiple traits is challenging due to the large cost associated with the required computations. We solve this problem by introducing a technique that can be used to assess association genome-wide quickly, reducing analysis time from hours to seconds.

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Contact: Nick Furlotte for details. (nfurlott at cs dot ucla dot edu).

Funding Information:
National Institute of Health training grant T32-HG002536 (to N.F.). National Science Foundation (No. 0513612, No. 0731455 and No. 0729049) (to N.F., E.E.). S.E. is supported by FONDECYT grant 11085012. This research sponsored in part by National Institute for Mental Health NIMH No. NH084698, and GlaxoSmithKline (in part). UCLA subcontract of contract N01-ES-45530 from the National Toxicology Program/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to Perlegen Sciences (in part).