Next-generation Inter-sample Correlation Emended (NICE) eQTL (expression Quantitative Trait Loci) mapping and differential expression analysis

NICE is a statistical test for correcting for expression heterogeneity inherent in expression dataset due to confounding from unmodeled factors. NICE estimates inter-sample correlation structure using only the genes with confounding effects and incorporates it as signatures of the systematic confounding effects to correct for it. The full details are described in our paper Effectively identifying regulatory hotspots while capturing expression heterogeneity in gene expression studies, Genome Biology, 15:r61, 2014.

The R implementation of NICE is available. Please refer to the Documentation link for further information. If you have you any further question, please contact Jong Wha J Joo. This is the joint work with Jae-hoon Sul, Buhm Han, Chun Ye and Eleazar Eskin.

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